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Arrital kitchens offers versatile projects with products such as the Arrital AK04 kitchen. Between innovation and recycled materials, here are the secrets of a unique company.

Arrital cucine’s mission is to bring the customer to see the kitchen space beyond the simple consumption of food. An area in which to live everyday life and encourage family complicity and personal comfort.

SistemaArreda has in its catalog the best Arrital kitchen products that are a guarantee of quality and a choice for life.

Below we will show you what are the strengths of Arrital kitchens products and which are the qualities that have promoted the company with flying colors on the international scene.

With a precise attention to the choice of materials and methods of compositions, this is how Arrital’s design fits perfectly into your kitchen.

All starting from the surprising functionality of the Arrital AK04 kitchen.

Features of the Arrital AK04 kitchen

With SistemaArreda you will have the opportunity to study the best applications and methods of use of Arrital’s AK04 kitchen . This product is designed to last over time and guarantee those design choices that never go out of style.

Starting from the materials up to the practicality of use of the spaces from which it is composed, AK04 is the result of attention to a unique project. The wooden surfaces and the metal finishes combine perfectly. Details require attention:

  • shelves : made in sandblasted pepper elm essence. They cover a total size of 239cm (119.5×2);
  • frame : made of metal graphite and characterized by a base in burnished metal graphite;
  • doors : the door compartments are made with a burnished frame and have GEM showcases with burnished smoked glass;
  • top : made by Inalco in vint gris, it has a thickness of 12 millimeters;
  • drawers : 4 drawers in the lower part, very spacious and with sliding system thanks to Gras Nova pro scala technology;
  • columns : made of metal graphite in brown tones;
  • snack top : made of sandblasted pepper elm essence.

Complete and functional, the AK04 project is one of the flagship products of Arrital kitchens. The specific project described here is available from SistemaArreda and ready to complete your kitchen space in a single purchase.

Cucina Arrital AK Project

Arrital kitchens: recyclable materials

The attention for Arrital kitchen projects does not end with the realization of the single complement in its design specifications. As you may have guessed, the company cares particularly about the choice of materials and the useful practicality of these.

But not only. With Arrital an attention ticket opens towards the needs of a more sustainable and livable future. This is why the choice of favoring the use of recyclable materials is the basis of the company’s current and future projects. Two out of all are the Paperstone and the recycling choices for the veneer.


To create crucial parts of the AK04 project, Arrital cucine has chosen to use recycled and recycled material. An example above all is certainly that relating to the creation of the 4 drawers under the Inalco top.

These, in fact, were built with a lining in recycled paper and cardboard. The process of amalgam of these recycled materials is complemented by natural resin. This is just one of the examples of Arrital’s material recovery methods.

Reclaimed fir for veneer

Limiting deforestation and saving almost uncontaminated environments of our beautiful planet is a fundamental part of Arrital kitchens’ mission. To contribute, the company has chosen to produce many of its projects with the use of recycled material.

This is the case of the veneer produced using recycled spruce from the Alpine areas . This was formerly used in the construction of mountain farms, old houses and barns.

They are objects of exceptional resistance that have passed the toughest tests over the decades, with exposure to various atmospheric agents. They have accumulated character and a vintage look that gives suggestion to the product.

AK04 Arrital

35 years of history Arrital kitchens

The Arrital company has a history that spans three and a half decades. For this long period of time, the company has been one of the main national resources in the sector of modern kitchens. A story made up of quality products that originate from the Fontanafredda district, in the province of Pordenone.

The headquarters and general management of the company are also located here.

There are 40 countries in the world where it is possible to find single-brand stores, direct customers and distributors of the Arrital brand.

Arrital is also environmental sustainability through an organized and strategically advanced production planning model. A model of incredible value that the whole world knows and chooses.


Sistema Arreda is an official Arrital dealer.

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