Baxter: love for leather



Baxter is an Italian company that was born from the entrepreneurial idea of Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, who in 1990 gave life to this reality.
Baxter was born from the love for a material, leather, which has become the engine of a success story.

Present, future and past come together in the history of this company which is still quite young, but starts from an ancient tradition, that of the production of furniture in the Brianza region, and looks towards the future with increasingly innovative ideas.

So tradition and foresight, love and dedication, Italian spirit and internationality come together to create a lively and positive company.

Baxter Letto Paris

All Baxter products come to life from two fundamental elements: English style and leather.

The typical Anglo-Saxon processes are, in fact, part of the style of the company, which has made it a must, bringing it back, however, to an Italian taste.

The processing of leather, hide, fur and fabrics is the second key to Baxter’s business. All the techniques, all the treatments, starting from the manipulation, are in favor of a final product that is characterized by beauty and comfort.

Leather is a soft, warm, welcoming material that transmits positive and familiar sensations, which is why the choice of this material.

Another key word of Baxter’s collections is mood. The state of mind is essential to create. Emotion is the basis of each collection, which mixes, almost in a game, materials and graphics, textures and colors. Whoever has the courage to dare gets the most successful results, whoever wants to play “hard” will then reach the top.

Thanks to this philosophy, each Baxter collection is unique in its kind, precisely because it allows each artist to express themselves, keeping in mind the detail and the overall vision, but leaving maximum creative freedom.

Baxter Sofa Chesterfield

In this way Baxter is able to meet different tastes, to anticipate trends and to confirm itself on the market as an important reference brand.

The choice of leather as the main material of Baxter’s production comes from the fact that it is considered a noble material. The material is carefully chosen and comes from the mountains of Northern Europe and only the finest is selected.

It arrives in Italian tanneries, where it is processed in order to further enhance its natural characteristics: elasticity, pleasantness to the touch, resistance. The fact that it is a natural material makes it perfectly imperfect and therefore even more interesting.

In the process, ancient tanning traditions are combined with continuous research and innovations, so that the leather continues to evolve in its beauty. The material is dyed with natural anilines and the processing involves a continuous alternation of man and machine.

The undisputed protagonist of Baxter’s production is leather, but thanks to its great versatility, in the hands of designers and creatives it transforms to remain true to itself. And so it becomes a zebra-striped upholstery for an armchair, it is sewn and pleated, polished and transformed. In this way it is no longer just a simple covering, but becomes the structural protagonist of each object.

There are many internationally renowned designers who collaborate with Baxter and who put their creativity at the service of collections that are always unique and inimitable. Each of them works with leather to transform it according to their own magic touch, based on inspirations and the desire to always create something new.

Customers can therefore always choose from many proposals, each with its own specific characteristics and if someone loves a particular style, they can search for it among the creations of their favorite artist.

As anticipated, the Italian character of Baxter is exported successfully, in fact there are many realities that have chosen this brand for their furniture. Among the particularly successful stories we can mention the Motel One throughout Europe, where Baxter sofas and armchairs make a fine show of themselves.
Even in Italy, however, Baxter furnishes many successful venues, for example the Sheraton Diana hotel in Milan is one of them.

Baxter Floorlamp

Elegance is undeniable in every single piece of the collections, which is often accompanied by modern and innovative cuts, original colors and original ideas, which distinguish the products.

Love and research, passion and study, creativity and tradition are the guiding binomials of the work. The expert hands of the artisans work together with the creative heads of illustrators and designers in order to give life to always new and unique ideas.

The originality that distinguishes the company can also be seen by visiting the showroom in Rome, which is called Baxter Garage. Until a few years ago it was, in fact, a garage, where cars were kept, today it has become the second hall of the company, where the atmosphere is unique. In Milan, on the other hand, there is the first shop , the Baxter Cinema, which came to life in the premises where the President cinema once lived.

The atmospheres that are breathed in these showrooms are never conventional, they know how to be metropolitan and trendy, but at the same time informal and welcoming. The spaces also evolve over time, always offering new ideas for those who visit them.

Since Sistema Arreda always chooses only the best for its customers, Baxter could not be missing from the proposals. For all those who love style, who have a sophisticated taste and who are looking for the right idea, our catalog is available.

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