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The perfect home is the one that allows you to satisfy your needs, as well as your passions. This is the clear message of the company Birex. A project that aims to improve the livability of the whole house, rather than make only one environment usable. Starting from the bathroom furniture, up to the choice of the complement furniture , Birex products live in symbiosis vision of dreams and material contact with reality.

Needs that include the daily activities of washing, ironing and tidying can also complete with passions and hobbies. A complete system that perfectly balances itself in the management of spaces and objects. Starting from the bathroom solutions, Sistema Arreda wants to take you to the innovative Birex environment and show you all its potential.

Bagni Birex

Birex bathroom solutions

Birex manages to develop this specialization by providing the bathroom with the completeness that is always desired. In this way it is possible to exploit the surfaces in an optimal way without any problems of encumbrance.

In your bathroom you can manage all the spaces from the walls to the floor, as Sistema Arreda effectively manages to show you in Sidero by Bagni Birex.

Sidero bathroom

One of the main examples of how forms manage to give full meaning to compositions: Sidero enriches the walls and modifies the spaces with sensible interruptions between one complement and another. The shapes, enriched by the strategic lighting, help to ensure the recognizability of each structure.

Sidero by Birex bathrooms is made up of lead-colored matt lacquered surfaces. A choice of style, because it is perfectly combined with the motifs and materials of the top , made of matt graphite stoneware .

The construction of the cabinet frames does not differ from the design choices highlighted previously, with an elegant solid black color . The gray transparent glass contributes to change and enrich the details.

But all the plays of color must be seen properly under a “different light” thanks to the lighting with several light points. The main one is represented by Black Pix LED lamp . To this must be added the two LED strips that frame the mirrors or in the upper part and in the lower part.

A clear example of how the company continues in an evolutionary segment on the single detail, without neglecting anything as regards innovation.

Sidero bathroom from Sistema Arreda

Birex: the company

Thanks to the help of talented designers, Birex is able to bring products born from innovation and attention to quality into the showrooms. How is it possible to pursue this double objective in perfect balance?

With the few and simple steps that the company has chosen as the path for the creation of unique products. Starting from the production of the panels , all compliant with the CARB PHASE2 standard and with very low formaldehyde emissions .

For the production, recycled raw materials are used. The exploitation of wooden panels, for example, is possible following planned reforestation projects . Not only the authenticity of the materials, but also the resistance of the products , certified by Catas tests .

The subsequent phases in the realization of the finished product also follow a low-impact protocol. Matt and satin lacquer of the accessories are performed with water-based paints .

Bagni Birex

Solutions for the home

Not just a bathroom, but also a wide range of choices for the rest of the house. With Birex you can combine the choice of furnishing accessories with attention to the individual rooms of the house.


Variety and multiplicity of designs in the creation of benches , mirrors and an infinite number of home accessories . With care and attention you can choose numerous light points produced for modern, innovative but never cold or impersonal environments.

Circular mirrors , suspended luminous globes and padded benches with useful compartments to keep the house tidy. Nothing has a single and unique purpose in Birex production. Everything fits exactly in a multifunctional and impactful perspective.

Shoe racks

The shoe cabinet must be a complement that is as discreet as it is spacious. It must be perfectly integrated with the design of the environment in which it is inserted. Birex has studied solutions with incredible spaces (up to 40 pairs of shoes), but without being bulky.

Multifunctional products, such as the Welcome hanging shoe cabinet that creates 3 instances in one. The comfortable shoe rack or coat rack for the entrance, the design wall unit and the large mirror surface on the door. Utility is never out of place.


Containers are a strategic solution designed specifically for large environments, but above all for small spaces. Two ways to improve the usability of spaces thanks to the Xbox and Popeye projects.

The first is ideal for small corners and spaces with sliding doors and lots of space to occupy inside. Everyday objects find easy space in the “verticality” of the project. The second resistant and performing, suitable for outdoor environments and the laundry area . Metal containers resistant to climatic elements, ideal for terraces and balconies.


Wash, dry and iron in one place. Yes, but how? Thanks to ideas studied for the home laundry by Birex. Starting from the dedicated room, up to the bathroom corner, here are the ideal projects to have the laundry complete and quick to use.

Large spaces for washing machines and dryers , even bunk beds , complemented by accessories that can function as real additional wardrobes. Traditional but innovative solutions for hand washing, water and soap. Even real integrated systems with washing machines and sinks , for cleaning all types of garments.


The entrance is the hot point of view that most affects the evaluation of an environment, because, in fact, it is the first image one encounters once inside the house. This must contain all the characteristics of welcome, comfort and practicality of a home .

Birex realizes its ideas for entrances starting from this fundamental point of view. Enhancing the presence of suspended elements , as in the Sessanta composition. Focusing on the importance of space management, as with the shallow but incredibly versatile cabinets of the Skap composition .

Simple choices are also the most popular ones, because they direct the guest, in a very short space of time, exactly where they can satisfy their needs. Whether it’s a wall hanger or a shoe rack.

Birex studies spaces and improves them, integrating them with projects that are never out of place. Precisely the combination of not very complex and easy to manage utility was impressed on the products of this company, as perfectly shown in the Showroom by Sistema Arreda. Come and discover the composition of Sidero by Bagni Birex and imagine it already installed in your bathroom at home.

Sistema Arreda is an official Birex dealer.

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