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Caccaro: furnishings to discover

The term furniture means nothing more than that set of objects that accompanies us and interacts with us in the most important moments of life, those we spend within the walls of the house.
One furniture style reflects the character and taste of those who choose it e Caccaro has the great merit of being able to satisfy every need, both in terms of taste and functionality.
Reliable company that operates in the furniture sector with great seriousness, presents its innovative products in the stands of the largest international fairs.


Bedrooms designed by Caccaro

Unique collections , capable of attracting the most demanding customers.
The bedrooms are designed with great attention not only for design and aesthetics, but above all to ensure total well -being.
Ergonomic structures, quality materials, functional lines are peculiar characteristics of the designer bedroom furniture Caccaro.

It is in the total satisfaction of every detail that the pleasure of sleeping in a room tailored to each need is realized.
A feeling of well-being that does not end after the first impact, but continues to strengthen as the bedroom becomes more and more that personal place.
Not only that: in the Caccaro bedrooms the lights are dimmable and the music finds a way to express itself.
An example for all is the versatility of the bar in the Groove collection which, positioned behind the headboard, allows you to place objects, but also to spread music and multimedia content.

Caccaro beds, capable of surprising

The bed collection of the brand Caccaro proposes nine interesting lines.
Each has features carefully designed and crafted by sleep professionals. Different in style, they are the same for the quality of the materials, always chosen from the best selections.
In addition to the multimedia Groove bar , visible by clicking here , you can prefer the Bag Tune with containing backrest, the Plié folding headboard that adjusts to the sitting position, to become back again when you sleep.
Again there is Parentesi , which welcomes like a soft embrace, or Filesse , the sinuous headboard.
With Opus you can opt for a headboard detached from the base, while Coccolo is the eloquent name of the headboard that welcomes with maternal sweetness.
Infolio combines headboard and bedside tables for those who love originality and comfort and finally, why not choose Tielle , essentiality transformed into a bed?



Simply indispensable: the Roomy modules

For one functional furniture  and  customizable, the Roomy modules, made in Caccaro, come in handy.
These are polyhedral modules that can be inserted in the various compositions. These elements bring their functionality to improve daily life with simplicity.

Different types of openings and different dimensions in terms of height, width and depth are the fundamental points that make Roomy modules the jolly of any furniture.
Caccaro studies solutions , realizes them and proposes them to his admirers: the exceptionality becomes simple and within everyone’s reach, even for those who hadn’t thought of it.



Choose Caccaro to choose safely

The furniture lines proposed by Caccaro are organized so that everyone can find the solution that best suits their needs, in a simple and safe way.
Freedhome is the name of the moduls for the containment, to decorate the walls of the house in every room, from the living room to the bedroom, from the living room to the kitchen.
The different modules are combined with imagination and create personalized environments that are able to satisfy the most particular requests. Therefore, there is no rule other than to respect one’s own taste.
The expert interior designers have created six families of modules: all are interchangeable to allow everyone to create the wall or room they prefer.

It should be noted that the various divisions with grids, drawers, shelves, door – shoe or door – trousers can be made to your liking, in complete freedom.
The finishes are in glossy lacquer, matt lacquer, natural wood or lacquered glass.
The transparencies of glass and mirrors are also available in different versions: extra-clear, lacquered, silver stop-sol, gray stop-sol, smoked.


Solutions for small containment

Not only do large spaces find the right solutions, but also with regard to small home furniture , the choice is wide and characterized by high functionality.
The modules can be superimposed, turned, stacked; the openings reversed, the colors matched. In this sector there are bedside tables, cupboards, dressers and dressers.

A serious and responsible company cannot neglect the aspects relating to security. Design, beauty and functionality cannot be separated from respect fot the environment , people and workers.
For this reason, with a great sense of responsibility, Caccaro guarantees non-toxic, odorless and safe products that do not affect the environmental balance and do not threaten people’s health.
Before choosing which furnishing objects to divide the spaces of your home with, it is advisable to know the products Caccaro.
Aware of how innovative and functional they are, it will be difficult to prefer anything else.


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