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Cattelan is a company that takes its first steps in the late ’70s, thanks to Giorgio Cattelan and his wife Silvia. Since 1979 the two spouses have been successfully carrying on the company, which has grown and established itself in the world. 1989 was a fundamental moment for the company, in fact from this moment it begins to expand, thanks to an increase in market demand. Until then, in fact, she had mostly dealt with small marble objects.

From this moment on, the range of chairs and tables increases, which remain the distinctive feature of Cattelan. In addition, libraries and other complements are also added. The materials used are also increasing: wood, glass, leather and metal. In 1995 his sons Paolo and Lorenzo also joined the company, confirming the family tradition. Over the years they have then assumed important positions in the staff. 40 years have passed and the company has become a true example of Italian success in the world.

The basic idea of the company, on which he took his first steps, is to create objects that are simple and beautiful at the same time. Objects that remain, that furnish and that become reality, starting from an idea. Spontaneity in furnishing is another cardinal principle of Cattelan. And given the results, it can be said with certainty that the philosophy has been successful.

Cattelan table Elliot Wood
Elliot Wood table

Today Cattelan Italia, a Venetian company, exports to over 150 countries around the world and truly represents Italian excellence. What are the keys to success? Surely the continuous search for improvement, the inability, in a certain sense, to be satisfied. This has led the company to continuous expansion, even in the crisis period of recent years. In any case, the turnover was continuously growing. Furthermore, in 2014 Cattelan also opened an office in Milan, the Italian city of fashion and design par excellence.

Scrivania CattelanThe company produces furniture and furnishing accessories for the whole house, taking care of the details and always working with constant commitment. Passion and love are the engines that have guided the work of Giorgio Cattelan, of all his family and his staff over the years.

In an interview , the founder and president stated that Cattelan focuses heavily on the product and works to create objects that are not only beautiful, but also useful and functional. One of the traits that unites all the company’s products is precisely the fact that, thanks to an in-depth study, they manage to combine refinement and simplicity.

The key to success …

The key to this reality’s success is that it bases all its work on authenticity and true values. Abitare is a verb that refers to the family and Cattelan was born from the family. So the design of an object almost always starts from emotion.

One of the phrases that made Giorgio Cattelan famous and that expresses this concept well is: “The house is the symbol of dear things, a world where everyone surrounds himself with welcoming elements in form and substance”.
Choosing the furniture for your home, therefore, means choosing all the elements that allow you to experience new and intense emotions and feel at ease in an environment.

Essentiality becomes perfection in Cattelan’s objects. This is because reducing to the bone what you want to express allows you to go deeper into your research and condense what you really want into your chosen lines.
An operation that almost borders on philosophy, but which in fact finds application in Cattelan’s daily life.

Airport ceiling bookcase
Airport Ceiling Bookcase

The evolution of this reality has been portentous if we consider that in the 1980s Giorgio Cattelan was selling Italian marble slabs in the United States.
An excellent organization, functional and strict logistics and the optimization of production and delivery times were fundamental in the company for its success on the foreign market. Today we work to order and in a maximum of five weeks we are able to deliver the requested products.

Cattelan’s product range is wide and covers every room of the house.

Skorpio table in the dining room
Skorpio table

Excellence certainly comes from the tables, the real workhorse of the company. The family gathers around a table and we understand that it is always at the center of Cattelan’s design idea. The proposal is wide, the models to choose from are many and they meet many needs.

The seats match the tables, but the living room furniture is completed with bookcases, TV stands, consoles, desks. Furnishing accessories such as mirrors and lamps are added as style details.

Cattelan truly represents Italian excellence in the world. It is a company that does not fear the future because its expansion is continuous. True made in Italy is in great demand, especially in some new and expanding market segments, such as the East or Russia.

In a company where nothing is left to chance, success has been continuous for forty years and the world continues to be large and full of opportunities. This attitude and this mindset are at the basis of the continuous affirmation of a brand which is to all intents and purposes a continuous confirmation.

For all these reasons, Sistema Arreda is proud to include Cattelan among the brands it distributes and offers toCattelan: tavolo e specchio its customers. In this way it offers quality furnishing solutions and guarantees a catalog that is always large and well-stocked.

Our staff is at the complete disposal of customers to follow him in every step, respond to every request and need. The professionalism and care that distinguish Sistema Arreda are characteristics in common with Cattelan.

The example of Italian excellence of the Venetian reality must be a driving force to always improve and to always continue to work in the best possible way every day. Care, emotion, passion: these are the keys to a truly successful company.

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