Choose the right hood



The right hood for your home

When you are choosing your new kitchen, you will almost certainly be offered the choice of the extractor hood.
And surely a good salesman will offer you a very performing one, with a very powerful motor, according to the rule that an effective hood changes the air in the kitchen 10 times in an hour.

So far everything is perfect: good quality / price ratio, beautiful design, excellent construction, remarkable silence, however …

Have you ever thought about the waste of energy needed to heat all the air that the hood expels to the outside?

Let’s try to think of the importance that today, and rightly, we give to the thermal insulation of the house: thick coats and triple glazed windows, energy class of the house “B” or even “A”; all to minimize the dispersion of the heat produced by the heating system.

And then we turn on the hood that expels the air 10 (ten) times in a single hour, and this at least twice a day for all, or almost all, days of the year.
Air that we need to reheat.

How to avoid all this?

The first thing is the choice of the hob which must absolutely be induction: with the principle of induction there is no combustion during cooking, therefore we can close the two holes in the walls (the one at the bottom for the entry of air new and the top one for the expulsion of stale air with the hood) required, by law, for the operation of the gas hob.

Then we have to choose the type of hood to use because in a traditional one, vapors and odors are sucked in with difficulty and it is necessary to suck in large volumes of air to prevent them from being dispersed into the environment.

We must therefore use a hood that makes it possible to aspirate the steam right at the point where it is formed, without giving the possibility of escape, and without aspirating large volumes of air which, once aspirated rather than being expelled to the outside, will be ” cleaned ”by a recirculation system using activated carbon foam.

The result we will obtain will be a healthy and odor-free environment and no waste of energy to heat air which is then expelled outside.

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