Doimo Cityline bedroom, which one to choose?



Choosing the bedroom is a moment to which the right time must be devoted.

The children’s bedroom, in fact, is an important space in every home, which must be functional and equipped, but at the same time welcoming and pleasant.

If  you add the fact that it is a space that must change with the passing of the years and the needs of children as they grow up, it is easy to understand that it must be furnished with care, to avoid unnecessary waste.

Each house has different spaces, each family has specific needs. Considering the spaces of new buildings, which are increasingly restricted, it is also useful to evaluate modern and functional solutions  that help optimize space, such as bridge bedrooms or bunk bedrooms.

Doimo Cityline is a reality born in 1991 that has specialized in children’s bedrooms, carrying out  a careful activity for the production of furniture suitable for the customer’s requests. In particular, it follows the changes in society and adapts its proposals to these. In fact, in the catalog it is possible to find many solutions: for large or small spaces, composed of many elements or in a single wall, with a modern or more classic design …

The peculiarity of a Doimo Cityline bedroom is that it has to adapt to the age of the child. In this, Doimo Cityline is a leader precisely because it supports customers in their choices with an after-sales service that is always attentive and precise. In this way you do not have to completely replace the furniture, but simply expand or modify some parts of the room according to the new needs of the children as they grow up. Thus the initial investment is maximized and optimized and you will have an environment that can be modified without always being completely redesigned and changed.

Which of the many bedrooms to choose?

The first question to answer when buying this type of furniture is: which one will be the best anyway?
To answer, we must first of all evaluate some aspects: how much space is available? How many kids will sleep in this space?

Let’s do some practical examples. If you decide to furnish your child’s bedroom immediately, it can be very useful to evaluate a solution that includes a multi-bed project. What does it mean? That by optioning the entire project the bed will grow with the growth of the child.



This type of room includes, in fact, the cot-bed, the medium bed, the intermediate bed and the standard bed.
In this way, by replacing only one element, you will always have the most suitable solution for your child, so that he always sleeps comfortably and that he feels comfortable in an environment tailored to him. The room grows as the child grows.


If, on the other hand, you have a space that is not too large, but the desire is to create an environment in which the child can be independent and have everything he needs, the solution is a Doimo Cityline bridge bedroom.



In this case the bed is located under the deck which has many wardrobes. Clothes, linens and everything you need will have a place in the comfortable closets. All the space will be exploited to the fullest, without any dead corner, so that everything is present, functional and at the same time fun.

The Doimo Cityline bunk bedroom is ideal for two brothers.

In this way, it is possible to optimize the space, make it   possible for two to share the environment and, at the same time, equip it with everything that can be used to create a comfortable and welcoming area. Sleeping, playing, studying: thanks to a bunk room, children will spend a lot of time here, finding their independence and learning to share space.

It is in fact important that the bedroom becomes an environment lived by the children. Here they must be able to be autonomous and free to express themselves. For this reason, even if the final choice is up to the parents, it is nice that the children are involved in the evaluations and can express their preferences.

For example, if the room is for a girl, it is possible to work on the colors she prefers, in shades of pink, on a princely and feminine atmosphere, which makes her feel truly in an environment that belongs to her.



If, on the other hand, two male brothers have to share space, there are many fun solutions.

Taking advantage of the mezzanine  it is possible to have extra space, wardrobes under one of the two beds and an environment where young people can move around at ease. The space can initially be dedicated to play, and then can be transformed into a study area.



As you can understand from this short article, there can be many considerations to make about the bedrooms, every family will have specific needs and requirements.

The convenience of Doimo Cityline solutions is that they are all modular.

This means that for each model it will be possible to choose the most suitable components to create customized bedrooms for every environment and every need. Beds, wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, bedside tables, desks: each element, thanks to innovative design technologies, can be made to measure, in infinite compositional possibilities.

Our staff is always at the customer’s complete disposal to help them identify the best solution based on their needs.

And he will be able to guide the choice in the best possible way. The materials of each model are always of the highest quality and respect the environment. These elements make it possible to better evaluate each product as a whole, which derives from a meticulous and precise work, which has also specialized over the years.

After this overview it is possible to evaluate the proposals a little better and find your way around the amusing types and the different models available. Keep in mind that space, needs and desires can find the perfect solution to every need in a Doimo Cityline bedroom.

The important thing is to take the time to make the necessary assessments, relying on those who can support you in choosing and identifying the best solutions that combine beauty and practicality.

Now all that remains is to visit the site, discover the services available, experiment with the architect online, watch the video tutorials, evaluate the components and colors. So you can find out which of all the Doimo Cityline bedrooms is the most suitable for your needs.


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