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Suggestive encounter between style, product definition and craftsmanship with Flexteam sofas. In the catalog sofas, armchairs and concepts for the living area.

Flexteam ‘s mission sofas is to bring an innovative and functional product to its public. The very evolution of the company tells a story of creativity and changes that lead to the direct realization of the final product.

Sofas, armchairs, tables and a whole series of essential accessories for the living area are the result of every design. They are indispensable for matching environments and filling spaces but, above all, for making the home hospitable and always liveable.

The Flexteam sofas design covers every single step of the production of the object. The main structures are located in Villanova di Prata, in the province of Pordenone. The two production units deal with the complete creation of sofas, armchairs and living room furniture. The fabric cutting department is managed with the use of an automated bench that guarantees extreme precision in the production of the fabrics.

The other structure is occupied by a carpentry department that provides for the creation of prototypes for the construction of sofas and armchairs . This process is managed by the experience of Flexteam craftsmen. The cutting of fabrics and the choice of materials do not take place with a simple industrial process. Every aspect of manufacturing is carefully planned to maintain a high standard of quality.

SistemaArreda has products of extreme quality, to be touched by hand, in its showroom. Here we want to show the most sought after and appreciated.

Poltroncine Lazy Flexteam

Flexteam sofas

Comfort and elegance in unique productions that serve to fill spaces of every style and size. The choice of fabrics and the great quality of the same are the glance that improve the impact of the environment in which they are placed. Projects such as Reef Flexteam sofa or Extra-norman Flexteam sofa combine these characteristics and reveal many others.

Extra-Norman Flexteam sofa

Unique and infallible choice in favoring comfort, thanks to the peculiarities of the Extra-Norman upholstered sofa by Flexteam. Practical demonstration of these qualities are the seats of your choice, large and promoting relaxation. 100 or 120 centimeters of seat are land options available. G.attention to the materials chosen for the seat cushions padding, which is partly made of polyurethane and partly with a padded goose down cushion. To complete the specifications of absolute comfort, a back cushion padded with goose down.

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divano reef flexteam

Reef Flexteam sofa

The Reef project by Flexteam divani is the most innovative and particular one can imagine. It is a completely modular sofa. Unconventional and devoid of any design constraint, here is a product that lends itself to the display of imagination in its interpretation. Each single element is made with a multilayer wood structure and the coating is guaranteed by polyurethane. The outer lining is made of goose down, with a mix completed by polyurethane bows divided into compartments.

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Lazy Flexteam armchairs

The classic houndstooth fabric makes Flexteam’s Lazy armchair project impossible to miss. A perfect choice for a product with very defined lines and great compactness. The fir wood structure is equipped with springing with reinforced elastic straps, for a comfortable and safe seat. The cushions are padded with polyurethane and goose down, while a combination of goose down and polyester fiber has been chosen for the backrest.

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Comfort at home with Flexteam sofas

Imagine a large living area with spacious plays of light and enriched byFlexteam products. Sofas of important dimensions, or more contained, arranged for valorize and make the environment welcoming. Complete the composition with the particular design of two or more Lazy armchairs.

At SistemaArreda you can choose Flexteam products from a catalog of great quality and particularity.



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