Flos lamps: light that furnishes



Choosing products such as Flos lamps means choosing the reliability of a company that has grown up producing real design symbols in our country. The quality of the products and the functionality have increased its fame worldwide. When you are looking for something that illuminates the rooms and does it with style and design, then the first thought leads to Flos products.

The ease with which this group places real “icons” on the lighting market is exemplary. The philosophy of a company that is always renewing itself is perpetuated by the continuous search for the most innovative and inspired names for the creation of a single design object. Having a Flos lighting product at home makes each environment distinguishable from the other.

Light up everywhere with Flos lamps

Each environment receives an upgrade with the Flos lighting choices. The light enlivens the objects and the source itself helps to create the distinctive trait that enhances the habitability of a room or of the spaces in the living area. This brand has been able to stand out in every branch of lighting products.

Today Flos creates style icons for walls and ceilings, produces elegant pendant lamps, guarantees solutions for tables and floors. Each object stands out for its characteristics and materials. From time to time designs are reinvented in glass, aluminum and fabrics. Wise choices, to ensure the perfect balance between style and utility, because these two “polar stars” should never be too far from each other.

There are no machines working on each project, but minds and muscles of real symbols of home design. Their idea translates into the ability of the products to be functional and to improve the visual impact of the complete picture. The eye is not only attracted to light, but also to its area of origin.

The possibilities are endless and never “monolithic”. The pendant lamp can also be used as a ceiling or wall lamp. With safety and stability it fits perfectly on more than one surface. The perfect example is the Smithfield pendant or ceiling light.

The choice: Smithfield pendant light

Without any further description of the importance of the brand on the global landscape of residential and architectural lighting, we have chosen to let the company’s products speak for themselves. Giving the possibility to almost touch the evident quality of objects made to amaze.

This is the case of the Flos suspension lamp, Smithfield . This chandelier was made by London designer Jasper Morrison (cover character for Icon Design magazine in 2016). It is an object that can be installed on the ceiling and on the wall. In the first case it is possible to choose between suspended or ceiling installation. The supports, in both modes, are guaranteed by aluminum hooks and super-resistant and stable aluminum wires.

The product design is conceived with a rounded body entirely made of aluminum. The structure is built in an elegantly vintage style, but revisited in a modern way. Flos Smithfield ceiling lamps are available in three different colors:

  • White;
  • black;
  • mud.

It is a product available in different versions, including S Eco and C Eco Dimmer, this means that it can be used with halogen, fluorescent or fluorescent Dimmer light. More solutions that certify the ease of use of this Flos ceiling lamp.

The company has chosen to create an additional space for dialogue with its customers. On the site there is an application that allows you to create your own ideal design object. Plugins allow you to choose shapes, sizes and characteristics of elegant pendant lamps, to build something that is pleasant and more personal to your taste. It is the gift that Flos gives to those who choose the brand for the quality and certainty of the investment.

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