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The Sistema Arreda furniture showroom is a single, large environment that allows to admire some of the most valuable products. We have collected some furnishing accessories in a single environment to be visited by passing from space to space. Inside you will find lighting products , but also furnishings for living rooms and a unique and functional kitchen project.

Each object is available in different materials and finishes , to allow you to choose according to you or tastes. At Sistema Arreda we can make your ideas for the arrangement of every room in the house come true.

In our furniture showroom we have set up an environment to show furniture and design products in coexistence. Starting from the Arrital Ak04 kitchen , to this we have combined the elegance and the particular shapes of Riva 1920 objects such as the Vita E stool. In front of there is the Bedrock Plank C table, illuminated by two different light points, guaranteed by the Twiggy Foscarini floor lamp and from Zero Round pendant lamp Panzeri. Around this it is impossible not to notice the lines of chair Substance by Magis also in the armchair version.

The environment is perfectly complemented by elements of the living area, with the perfect combination of wood and iron of the Rialto Fly sideboard. Next to this are the Legno Vivo table and the Maui armchair . All objects created by Riva 1920. At first glance the great compactness of the environment is striking, but the harmonious union of the details as they cross the environment is even more striking.

showroom furniture system furnishes

The kitchen area with Arrital Ak04 and Vita E Riva 1920 stool

The glance it gives is due to the compactness of the colors, but also to the unique and light lines of the Arrital Ak04 kitchen. Much of the credit goes to the choice of materials and design lines with which they have been worked. The boiserie that supports the two shelves guarantees continuity to the whole stylistic complex. These are positioned above the sink area and have a total length of 119.5 cm for each shelf.

The compactness of the units that complete the kitchen is given by a homogeneous choice of shades. Both with the Inalco Vint Gris top, and with the door compartments with burnished frame and the 4 GEM showcases in smoked and bronze. Just below these there is the practical snack top, made of sandblasted pepper elm essence. Here we have chosen to play with the combinations and inserted the details Vita E stools by Riva 1920 .

No risky choice, but only the desire to combine the linearity of the Arrital Ak04 kitchen with the almost hypnotic lines of Vita E by Riva 1920. The effect it gives to the eye ends perfectly with the flat part of the seat. The wooden stools are available in two variants, one inclined and one perfectly flat. The options are enriched by two sizes: Vita E Big , from 65 centimeters in height and 35 in diameter; Waist E Small from 43.5cm with diameter 35.

C ukraine Arrital Ak04

Vita E Riva 1920 Stool

System Arreda furniture showroom

Solid wood table and dining room chairs

In front of the kitchen of the furniture showroom there is the Bedrock Plank C wooden table by Riva 1920 surrounded by the Substance dining room chairs by Magis. Used as chairs from living room , the Substance by Magis, available in two different versions, can also be used as dining room chairs .

Bedrock Plank C was born from a combination of materials that is always very popular in solid wood tables. The top is made of wood and maintains its natural characteristics, while the base is worked in iron with geometric games of contrast but of great elegance.

Land Substance chairs by Magis are presented in two versions: lounge chair or lounge chair. In this context they represent the perfect combination with the Riva 1920 wooden table. The characteristics of chair and armchair are ideal for multipurpose, even as dining room chairs.

Characterizing them is the duality of a black anodized aluminum structure and a polypropylene seat. The latter studied in a simple version or with fabric or “first grain” leather upholstery. Arranged around the solid wood table are also the Substance armchairs by Magis. These are also comfortable and versatile and suitable for the living area as well as for the dining chair version.

The seat of the Substance armchair by Magis is characterized by the presence of practical armrests that help to envelop the customer as in a comfortable nest. The structure is characterized by the presence of a more squared design which, however, incorporates the characteristic shapes of the chair. Also thanks to the presence of these comfortable seats it is practically impossible to consider Bedrock Plank C as a simple one wooden table.

Bedrock Plack C Riva 1920 table

Substance chairs by Magis

Substance chair by Magis

Floor lamp and pendant chandelier

To highlight the surface of the Riva 1920 Bedrock Plank C natural wood table, and the entire furniture showroom, we have decided to accompany two wonderful light points. The first is the Twiggy led floor lamp by Foscarini and the second is the Zero Round ceiling lamp by Panzeri . The floor lamp is a stylish object that lends itself to more than one interpretation in many contexts.

We decided to place it near the elegant wooden table to show how easy it is to enhance it in any context. The living room lamp by Foscarini is made with the use of composite material (lacquered fiberglass, PMMA, polycarbonate, painted metal and aluminum). It is a product available in black shade and LED light and can be adjusted on 3 different heights from the ground thanks to the presence of counterweights.

T he Zero Round ceiling lamp by Panzeri it can be used in two different ways: ceiling or wall. Our proposal is that of the modern suspension chandelier, facilitated by the beauty of the design of this object. It is composed of 4 different circular elements with internal LEDs. 4 rings positioned at different heights from the ceiling, specifically at 75 and 100 centimeters. An impactful choice that also contributes to optimizing the diffusion of light.

T.All 4 rings of the pendant LED chandelier are in extruded metal and are enriched by the presence of an opal polycarbonate screen. The convenience of these 4 modern ceiling chandeliers also lies in the practicality of use thanks to the use of Dali / Push Dim technology. The ceiling lamp Zero Round is built for an even distribution of lighting and not as a simple design object. This makes it ideal for use as a wall lamp as well, playing with measurements and positions.

The Twiggy Foscarini floor lamp

Zero Round Panzeri suspension lamp

Zero Round Panzeri chandelier

Legno Vivo table and Maui armchair

Alongside the imposing class of Bedrock Plank C, objects for the purists of the living area find space in the showroom. The Legno Vivo table and the Maui armchair by Riva 1920 serve to better identify that relaxation area that can also become a place of interaction. The gaze moves automatically to objects that show the best qualities of untreated wood.

The Legno Vivo natural wood table is the result of the minimal processing of a single block. Bare wood showcasing concentric circles showing the age of the material. The only ones handcrafted interventions are represented by the clean cut of the base and top and the slight truncated cone line of the object. Two different sizes of the Legno Vivo table are available.

To complete the set in the furniture showroom , the impact that gives the Maui natural wood armchair that Riva 1920 has chosen to model according to the shapes of the body. This too is a piece machined from a single block, modeled with care and without being treated. To interrupt the harmony, making the product functional, the lacquered iron base with swivel tubular. Of this there are different finishes that give an exceptional glance combined with the uniqueness of the armchair.

Different finishes are available for Legno Vivo which is available in cedar, volcano cedar, sandblasted cedar and contract finish cedar. Different finishes are also available for the Maui armchair. For the base: lacquered iron, oxidized effect lacquered iron and matt brushed effect lacquered iron; for the seat: cedar, sandblasted cedar, volcano cedar and contract finish cedar.

Tavolo Legno Vivo Riva 1920

Maui Riva 1920 armchair

Tavolo Legno Vivo Riva 1920

Rialto Fly Riva 1920 sideboard

The Rialto Fly solid wood sideboard by Riva 1920 completes the living area of the furniture showroom, which not only recalls the classic canons of the object of style, but evades them for the details. The wooden sideboard is made with the use of walnut and oak. The 2 central drawers and 2 side doors (with adjustable shelves) have been made with these two materials.

The rectangle of the sideboard is completed by a lacquered iron frame that does not break the harmony, but instead reflects the mood of the entire environment. No visible handle, but a practical and efficient push / pull system to open doors and drawers. The sideboard is equipped with 20 cm high iron feet to support the entire 220 cm body. Comfortable and spacious, it can be the ideal complement for interactive entertainment systems, board games and board games.

Behind the sideboard, independent from the body of this, a solid wood frame that recalls the motifs of the doors and drawers. Just like a painting of pure abstraction, it enriches the walls and fills the spaces in an elegant way.

Rialto Fly Riva 1920 sideboard

Rialto Fly Riva 1920 versions and finishes

The customer will have a wide choice of finishes with different materials and colors. The standard version is available in 6 different finishes: walnut with and without knots, oak with and without knots. The oak version is available without knots with a vintage, bleached, mystic black, neutral finish, or in milk white, ash gray and total black pigmented finishes.

Oak with knots is available in vintage, bleached, mystic black and neutral finishes, or in milk white, ash gray and total black pigmented finishes. The pigmentation is present only on the outside, while the inside takes up the oak colors . Other finishes of the standard version are in briccola and flamed London oak, with volcano knots or with tobacco knots.

This version has frame and feet in matt transparent lacquered iron, irondust or RAL or matt brushed effect lacquered iron in antique copper, antique bronze, steel or titanium.

The Rialto Fly Metal version, on the other hand, is available in oak with and without knots pigmented milk white, ash gray and total black. The workmanship and finishes of the frame and iron feet resume those of the standard version.

Rialto Fly Riva 1920 sideboard