How to change the wardrobe? Change wardrobe!



Changing the wardrobe is the appointment of the month of April. Here are some good reasons to explain why, this time, it’s better if you change closets.

With the arrival of spring , the moment ofl wardrobe change. T.ra the seasonal events of this time of year, one of the most complex .

That’s why we decided to give you some useful advice to make the seasonal change of the wardrobe without excessive suffering. The first of all?

Change wardrobe.

Yes, it is the more than definitive solution to solve a problem that occurs cyclically. The number of dresses, t-shirts and shoes increases from time to time. It is easier to buy a new wardrobe, saving 2 zeros, rather than giving away clothes and accessories that have spending figures greater than 2 zeros.

Wardrobe change thanks to Sistema Arreda

In the SistemaArreda catalog there is space for different combinations thanks to wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes.

The solutions are innovative, guarantee space and are equipped with dedicated patios to accommodate :

  • clothes;
  • t-shirts, sweaters, sweaters;
  • shoes;
  • accessories.

Is it possible to accommodate what is listed above in a single structure, without having to incur more expenses?

The solution to this problem is Tomasella’s Liberty walk-in closet . By itself, this complement can meet the needs of an entire family.

It solves the problem of specific space, because in order to own the Liberty walk-in closet it will not be essential to have a special room.

The structure, made of metal, is characterized by shelves and drawers in lacquered wood or d opaque. The complete configuration allows you to count on:

  • clothes hangers;
  • drawers;
  • shelves;
  • grids;
  • shoe cabinet.

The reference to the configuration is fundamental, since SistemaArreda can satisfy the customers’ requests on modulation. Cabin Liberty is one of Tomasella’s modular products .

Cabina armadio Liberty bianco zona notte

Why is Liberty walk-in closet perfect for changing wardrobes?

U n of the reasons that should prompt you to consider the purchase of Tomasella’s Liberty Walk-in Closet is related to comfort. This walk-in closet it does not require a specific room in which to be placed. You can insert it in the room or in the space of the house that you consider most suitable, but it has all the essential comforts of a walk-in closet.

Every single item of clothing will have its own space with Liberty Walk-in Closet.

Shoes in the walk-in closet

Tomasella entered specific spaces for clothing and accessories. He has certainly not forgotten his shoes and in order to accommodate them he has scelto a shoe rack that allows you to s type about 4 pairs per shelf. It is an indispensable and comfortable space, because in this way you will always have your favorite models clearly visible, but tidy so as to take up practically nothing.

In this sense, we need to consider several aspects relating to comfort. A space organized in height, for example, will allow you to reach the pair of shoes you want to wear comfortably. This is why each single shelf can be positioned in different points, in height, of the part of the structure dedicated to the shoe rack.

The elegant dresses in the walk-in closet

Arranging elegant clothes in the wardrobe is a major problem. The structure of a classic wardrobe is also designed according to a specific space to accommodate the coat hanger. With Liberty Walk-in Closet this problem disappears.

The single exposed departments eliminate those boundaries dictated by large wooden shelves, doors and walls. The metal supports, in fact, guarantee safety and reliability on a solid structure. Having the coat hanger on sight also enriches the space and provides an impact point of view due to its elegance. Tomasella further enhances this proposition with strong and solid sticks that can gather your many elegant outfits.

How to use drawers and shelves for changing cupboards

The drawers and shelves in Tomasella’s Liberty walk-in closet are the perfect detail to complete this project. The surfaces are in wood and there is the possibility to choose between lacquered or opaque shades. This possibility of choice greatly affects the impact that the complement can have within an environment. That is why variety of choice is important.

The ideal is to use these compartments to satisfy the needs of lovers of t-shirts and sweaters. These, in fact, can be perfectly placed on the shelves. A choice that refers to the classic system used nand clothing stores. An option that can, therefore, favor the search for the perfect shirt or sweater for every single day.

Those who love a more discreet and sheltered arrangement, on the other hand, can arrange the clothing items in spacious drawers.

Cambio armadio cabina armadio Liberty Tomasella

The rack for trousers and jeans

In the Liberty walk-in closet every kind of clothing item has its space. To accommodate trousers and jeans (but also clothes with crutch), Tomasella has thought of a specific metal rack.

It is the ideal space for any type of trousers, from the lightest linen trousers to the heaviest winter jeans. The structure can accommodate up to 11 pairs of trousers, but the resistant material with which it is made will not impose limits.

And the accessories?

Bags, hats, but also everyday objects, such as beauty, wellness and health products, can find space on the shelves of Liberty. This walk-in closet will allow you not only to have a not bulky but spacious complement, but also an object of unparalleled style.

Have you finally decided to buy the walk-in closet of your dreams? Contact us to find together the solution that best suits your needs.