How to choose chairs for your home




How can we orient ourselves in choosing the right chairs for our home with an offer of always new, comfortable, practical and beautiful models?
When choosing chairs for the home, several factors must be kept in mind:
1) The design

2) The comfort

3) The materials

4) The build quality

By managing to find the right compromise between all these factors, we are certainly able to embellish the environment we are furnishing.

The first thing to consider is the environment in which we want to put the chairs: if it is a kitchen the chairs must first of all be comfortable, because they will probably be used frequently. However, they must also be practical as, in a room where food is prepared and eaten, materials must be chosen that do not become impregnated with fumes and odors and do not stain when they come into contact with food spills (for example, we can use the metal, polycarbonate and polypropylene which, at the expense of difficult names, allow a decidedly practical use of the chair).

sedie impalibili

If, on the other hand, the room where we will put the chairs is an elegant living room, which we will use sporadically for lunch or dinner, we will be able to evaluate chairs made with more precious materials such as leather, hide and fabric.

Of course, all these materials can be worked more or less wisely: there is no doubt that Italian craftsmanship knows how to apply the lesson of “well done” certainly better than they know how to do in other countries.
And what about Italian design, which, in the field of fashion and furniture, has no equal all over the world.

sedia ingenia amy

A company like Magis, with 40 years of experience, owns a range of chairs designed by the most important Italian and foreign architects.
The skilful use of all the best materials that the market offers and the rigorous industrial production combined with a share of “craftsmanship” make it possible to obtain products suitable for all rooms in the house.

Take for example the “Bombo” stool, designed in 2002 by the architect Stefano Giovannoni. It has practically become an icon of Italian design, so much so that nowadays there are no longer the fakes that are produced all over the world, in poor imitation of an all-Italian craftsmanship.

Sgabello Bombo Stool

Many of the products are built to be used both indoors and outdoors, thus allowing you to experience your garden as an “extra environment”. We can therefore also use the chairs we use every day in the kitchen or dining room outdoors, without worrying about damaging them.

International certifications concerning the entire production cycle:

1) UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certification

2) UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification

3) GREENGUARD environmental certification (concerning polluting emissions inside buildings)

4) FSC environmental certification (concerning the responsible use of natural resources)

In a market with a very wide range of “all the same” products, it is not easy to choose the right products.
We are always attracted to what we like and this is fundamental, but an extra attention also to everything we do not see at first glance and an interior designer’s advice, will allow us to choose products that can last over time and that will know embellish the environment we are furnishing.

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