Juice extractor



Juice extractor

The cold juice extractor is an appliance that allows you to obtain “cold extracted” fruit or vegetable juices totally different from those you could produce with blenders or centrifuges, with considerable advantages.

What are the benefits of a fruit extractor?

You can use both fruit and vegetables to obtain juices that will be low in fiber, but rich in vitamins, enzymes and the natural water contained in fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, all the nutritional properties will not be lost or deteriorated, as can happen, for example, when using the centrifuge.
An extractor, unlike household appliances such as the centrifuge, works at a lower speed, for this reason it does not overheat the juices and allows the nutritional properties contained in vegetables and fruit to remain unchanged.

How does a cold juice extractor work?

A cold juice extractor works with a speed of less than 80 revolutions per minute, the best extractors even reach 40 revolutions per minute, thus allowing you to separate the juice from the pulp.

Furthermore, using an extractor you will get few fibers (of which smoothies are rich instead) which constitute the waste part, among other things drier than the waste of a centrifuge.

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These slow extraction devices preserve the vitality and mineral salts of fruit and vegetables.

With the use of an extractor compared to other household appliances, you will also have a greater dose of juice and once in the glass the various components will not separate, as can happen with the use of the centrifuge or blender which heat up with high speed. extracted juice and degrade vitamins and substances sensitive to high temperatures.

The consumption of fruit and vegetable juice is the basis for a correct and balanced diet and from a nutritional point of view they are low-calorie and undoubtedly dietetic drinks because they are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.


What to do with the juice waste?

The waste can be used not in juices but for example for fruit salads or recipes such as biscuits or cakes. In short, nothing is thrown away and even the waste part can be used in preparations other than juices.


Who is the purchase of a live juice extractor suitable for?

The drinks obtained are particularly suitable for those looking for a natural tonic for every day, but also for those who need to drink more fruit and vegetables because they don’t consume enough, or for those who need drinks with little fiber.
The juices are excellent for everyone, rich in unaltered nutritional properties, they are light to digest and moreover, being homemade, they do not contain any type of preservative or dye .

You can create many different recipes simply using your imagination, choosing the most suitable combinations, but above all using quality fruit and vegetables

Plus, they’re quick and easy to prepare.


The Smeg juice extractor

In fact, it features slow squeezing technology (with a rotation of 43 revolutions per minute) and also has a lever to be able to decide the density of the juice.

It has a power of 150 W, a container for squeezing 500 ml in tritantm, auger and filter holder basket in Ultemtm, filter holder basket equipped with 4 spatulas, 2 of which in silicone to obtain a homogeneous juice and also has the reverse function .

The Smeg extractor has 2 Filters, with narrow or wider holes.

The wide hole filter is used if you want a more fibrous juice or if you want to extract juice from foods rich in fiber.

A pestle, 1 liter jug to collect the juice and another for the 1.6 liter pulp, as well as 2 brushes to use for cleaning, among other things easy and quick and a useful recipe book where you can find recipes and ideas to make juices and even ice creams.

It has the particularity of also having non-slip feet, so it will not move while it is used, it is not bulky and it is also suitable for any type of kitchen, thanks to its beautiful 50s design.

It is available in various colors, precisely black, red, cream and blue , to be chosen according to the tastes and design of the kitchen.

With this product, currently on offer , it will therefore be possible to easily obtain fruit and vegetable juices.


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