Kerlite furniture



Kerlite is the ceramic product that has been able to enhance and bring to excellence the already high quality and performance of porcelain stoneware.

In just 3mm thick, this innovative material, the result of cutting-edge and high-performance technology, has made versatility its strong point.
In fact, its use has gone far beyond laying on the floor and walls of homes and public buildings. The kerlite has entered, with all its load of innovation and technology, in the field of furniture and interior design.

The most advanced manufacturing companies in the kitchen and bathroom furnishing sector have been able to exploit the ease of use of kerlite by creating new projects and new arguments in furniture and design.

A product so easily sanitized, which does not absorb liquids, does not impregnate with odors, does not retain dirt and allows stains to be removed using only hot water, has earned a leading position in the use on the floors of the kitchens and bathrooms.
Its reduced thickness combined with the important dimensions of the slabs produced without the use of molds and with completely automated cutting, have allowed the use of kerlite not only on worktops but also on furniture in general.

The extremely natural colors have given rise to new solutions of shape and color and a new use of the ceramic coating.