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Kerlite, what is it?

Kerlite is an innovative material, a patented brand ceramic product born from a Cotto d’Este production project, capable of enhancing all the peculiarities of porcelain stoneware, increasingly used for kitchen and bathroom furniture (but not only) which has many advantages in itself, here are a few.

The advantages of Kerlite

First of all, in just 3 mm of thickness, it is processed into sheets that are light, easy to move and to assemble. Furthermore, Kerlite does not deteriorate as it is resistant to abrasions, scratches and even the color remains the same even with the passage of time. Resistant to chemical attacks, capable of preventing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, and the non-toxicity associated with compatibility with food substances. No problem even with UV rays or high temperatures, plus in the event of fire the Kerlite furniture does not release toxic substances. Finally, it cleans easily without losing any of these features.

Kerlite in the kitchen

Increasingly used when looking for a designer kitchen, Kerlite allows you to use a practical and safe material that creates particular effects, for example inspired by natural stone, such as anthracite, pearl gray, fossil white. Ideal for washbasins, but also for wall units and base units, for the hood, it does not absorb liquids or odors and can be washed with hot water, allowing optimal hygiene even when cooking. Ideal for a kitchen that seeks colors that are inspired by nature, ranging from various shades of white to the darkest gray.

Kerlite in the bathroom

It can be used as a wall covering, but also for furniture in this environment. To give some examples, there are modular containers on the market made with other materials such as wood (in different variants) also covered in Kerlite.
Even the shower tray can be in Kerlite or the bathtub, to create a space that combines safety and practicality thanks to this technology, but also a luxurious and refined effect.

Kerlite with other materials

Remaining in the bathroom space, some companies create washbasins with Kerlite base and wooden mosaic, or bathrooms made with Kerlite and coconut mosaic, in short, this material can also be found combined with others.

Other ideas with Kerlite

Kerlite is also used for stairs, for example to move internally from one floor to another in the house, to create benches, tables, counters, alone or, as we have seen, in combination with different materials.

Kerlite is therefore an excellent material both for the bathroom, the kitchen or the furnishing accessories of a new apartment, as well as for “rejuvenating” and guaranteeing more safety and hygiene in a dated environment. In both cases the effect will be both natural and classy, thanks to a revolutionary technology and the colors that this material gives.

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