Michele Fiocco’s paintings from Sistema Arreda



What better enhancement of furniture than adding the evocative beauty of Michele Fiocco’s paintings to the quality projects of the Sistema Arreda showroom? The impact of the artist’s production fits perfectly with the products that our showroom showcases.

By accompanying the visitor through the characteristics that distinguish the artist’s informal painting, we help him to imagine the right place to be able to exhibit the art. The paintings of Michele Fiocco they are characterized by strong subjects and revisited in detail. An ensemble composed and completed by images of pure color that sometimes cloud, other times define the subject of the painting.

The art of Michele Fiocco

An alternative method to look at yourself and see yourself through his works. The artist Michele Fiocco has a clear vision of what his art should communicate to the viewer. Through its shapes and the characterization of each model portrayed, Fiocco manages to impress a brand that it distinguishes the whole environment in which it is found.

All is specific on the basis of different aspects of everyday life and what surrounds us. Here, then, that the images of mighty horses are abstract a moment before, to become incredibly real just a second later. Are in the place where the truth is what it seems to us: the object stands out against a multi-colored shaded background , with its very clear and unmistakable lines .

M.to a subject in an abstract painting cannot be the living image of our idealized reality? This is exactly what happens inside each of Michele Fiocco’s paintings. The static line of color that overhangs the gradient appears to have a heart and a true humanity. All these features can be read through a homogeneous gallery that would perfectly complement all the rooms of the house.

Michele Fiocco and his art at home

Some of Fiocco’s subjects have been chosen to complete the compositions in our showroom. These are canvases that give uniformity in colors and subjects.

Quadri di Michele Fiocco

A perfect work which leaves the possibility of interpreting the furniture according to how tastes suggest. As in the photo, you can choose to combine warmer colors with colder ones. A way to balance the presence of shades that are never too similar to each other, enhancing a large complement compared to a simple ornament. A very pleasant way to appreciate this work could be to accompany it with sofas and armchairs. These also quite large in size.

Sofa Priv è – Calia

Moving on to a more private and personal segment, it is certainly the bedroom that can be enriched with works of this value.

Quadri di Michele Fiocco

The blue and orange shades seem to be specially chosen to adjust the bedroom’s chromatic eye-catcher. It is like imagining a kind of twilight that reconciles with all the daily activities of the room. The subjects of the picture take up those that are the classic themes of Fiocco’s painting. So we continue on a homogeneous groove as regards the choices for the embellishment and the filling of the walls.

SP2802 Low bed

The last room that we have chosen to further customize with the works of Michele Fiocco is the kitchen.

Quadri di Michele Fiocco

On many occasions it is the chromatic discrepancy that gives emotions and captures the attention. One of the rooms in the house where this particular stylistic choice often recurs is the kitchen. Here it can be indicated to insert something that emphasizes a wall or part of the accessories inserted in the kitchen itself. Combinations of natural colors, but with the pleasant emphasis on the detail, even small, that can be appreciated.

Kitchen AK04 Arrital

Combining the taste for furniture and art has always been the balance point of every home furnishing composition. With the works of Michele Fiocco an ideal stylistic circle is closed, designed to enhance every room and every wall.