Mobile bonuses: how it works



Bonus mobili come funziona

Also for 2020 it will be possible to take advantage of the mobile bonus for the home that brings a fair advantage on the personal income tax deduction. With this content we will analyze the characteristics of the bonus, how to request it, for which furniture it is possible to obtain it and the payment methods. To do this we have developed topics as listed:

In the first part we will analyze how to get the furniture bonus, while in the second part we will go to better see for which types of furniture and for which environments it is possible to ask for the bonus. We will conclude with the payment methods and the possibility of installments.

Bonus mobili come funziona

The mobile bonus for 2020 is a reality. But how does the mobile bonus work? In which cases does it apply and to whom can it be granted?

To understand how the mobile bonus works, we refer to the information available on the Revenue Agency website.

The IRPEF deduction of 50% can be used for the purchase of furniture and large appliances of a class of not less than A + (A for ovens), intended to furnish a property subject to renovation.

But who is the mobile bonus?

To have the benefit, it is essential to carry out a building renovation.

The interventions that reenter the mobile bonuses relate to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Here are in which cases:

  1. Extraordinary maintenance, conservative rehabilitation and restoration of individual housing units.
  2. Extraordinary and ordinary maintenance on common parts of residential buildings.
  3. Reconstruction or restoration of a property that has suffered damage following a disaster in the event that a state of emergency has been declared in the municipality where the property is located.
  4. Building renovation, conservative renovation or restoration of buildings intended for sale within 18 months from the end of the works.

The maximum amount that the bonus is able to cover is 10,000 euros, on which a 50% deduction is made from the tax return, repayable in 10 years.

You can also get the furniture bonus for other home. If you own two or more properties that both need renovation, the request for the bonus is cumulative. To the 10,000 euros of the first, therefore, 10,000 euros must be added for the second property.

Mobile bonuses as you get

Many other doubts can arise about how to claim mobile bonuses. What are the steps to be able to request the bonus and in what times should they be done? Also in this case, the document issued by the Revenue Agency website helps us.

To obtain the bonus it is necessary that the date of the start of the renovation works precedes the one in which the goods are purchased. It is not essential, however, that the renovation costs are incurred before those for furnishing the building.
For purchases made in 2020, the building renovation must be dated no earlier than January 1, 2019.

Furniture bonus for living and sleeping areas

The living area and the sleeping area are certainly among the most interested for the furniture renovation bonus. In these environments, most of the components are concentrated, which can be purchased with the deduction of 50% on IRPEF. In fact, among the pieces of furniture included in the list are:

  • sofas;
  • armchairs;
  • tables;
  • seats;
  • libraries;
  • desks;
  • lighting equipment.

For the sleeping area it is possible to include the purchase of:

  • beds;
  • mattresses;
  • wardrobes;
  • bedside tables;
  • chest of drawers.

You can also take advantage of the bathroom furniture bonus. We remind you that the bonus also allows you to purchase furniture for rooms that are different from those to be restored. The bathroom renovation furniture bonus also allows you to purchase products for other rooms in the house.

Bonus mobili come funziona

Kitchen furniture bonus

Among the environments for which it is possible to access the furniture bonus linked to renovation there is also the kitchen and, in addition to the furniture, it is also possible to deduct appliances such as:

  • refrigerators;
  • dishwasher;
  • freezers;
  • cooking appliances;
  • ovens;
  • microwave ovens.

Excluding ovens (for which class A is also fine), all appliances to be included in the furniture bonus following renovation must be class A + .

In addition to these appliances, it is possible to request the furniture bonus for boiler replacement. The replacement of the boiler gives access to the bonus as it is considered an extraordinary maintenance work, an obligatory condition for inclusion in the bonus request is that the new boiler is more energy efficient than the previous one.

Mobile bonuses how to make the transfer

To have the deduction on purchases of furniture and large appliances, payments must be made by bank transfer or by debit or credit card. The deduction is allowed even if the assets are purchased in installments through a finance company.

Documents to keep:

  • copy of the furniture purchase invoice;
  • Bank transfer receipt;
  • transaction receipt for credit or debit card payments.