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Look at the Modulnova furniture collections. Modulnova kitchens – Modulnova bathrooms. Here are the Modulnova furnishing accessories available at SistemaArreda.

Modulnova furniture is the name associated with a brand that has been selling the quality of long-lasting and elegant products for more than 30 years. This brand is associated with furnishing accessories for all areas of the house, indoor and outdoor. This reality was born in Friuli, from the talent of all the members of the Presotto family who have been working in this field since the 1940s.

Today the Modulnova company collects and realizes the dreams of singles and families from all over the world in furnishing the home. All the furnishing accessories are the result of what has been achieved in a production area of over 12,000 square meters .

A series of projects inspired by the customer’s needs starting from the name that takes the modularity of a complement as its cornerstone. A system that helps to respond to different needs and satisfy theand anyone’s needs. This is the main mission of the company that has studied the best way to build functional and tailor-made kitchens. A sartorial approach that today is re-proposed in any product made by Modulnova.

Beyond ideas, materials dominate the production lines. Modulnova not only pays attention to size and design, but also to how and with what materials the individual elements are built. From glass to aluminum, up to cement resin, everything is used to give suggestion to the style of the product, but extreme functionality and cleanliness in the design. The products of the Modulnova arredamenti company are on sale by Sistema Arreda .

Walk with us through the spaces and individual environments that can be elegantly furnished thanks to Modulnova kitchen and bathroom products.

The modularity of the accessories allows us, by placing an order, to welcome specific proposals where they are needed.

Cucina Modulnova

Modulnova furnishing kitchens

Unique projects characterized by great functionality. So Modulnova wanted to provide an answer to the needs of those who want a compact but complete project for their kitchen.

Blade Modulnova kitchen

With the Blade Modulnova kitchen it will be possible to furnish limited spaces with a complex of island and columns. The latter are characterized by the presence of doors with recessed handle. It is the ideal solution to save space. The island, hot-milled with atmosphere-colored wood, features a 4-burner hob with Bora Pure induction. Just below, spacious baskets of 150 centimeters each.

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Light Modulnova kitchen

Light Modulnova is the ideal kitchen for brighter environments. Thanks to the particularity of the materials and colors, it reproduces a play of light that enhances the spaces. The finishes are in matt lacquer and the Corian top has an integrated sink. It is equipped with tall units with 70 centimeter retractable doors.

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Modulnova white kitchen

Homogeneous mood, but particular characteristics completely revealed with Bianca Modulnova kitchen. Ideal project for those who want to have everything always at hand. The linear wall is equipped with double suspended shelves and the island, equipped with a hood, is placed next to the table. In the composition there is also a column in a niche with an over-column.

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bagno infinity modulnova

Modulnova bathrooms decor

Comfortable and innovative accessories. So Modulnova studies bathroom solutions. Among the projectsi it is possible to recognize the innovative combination of accessories and unusual but high-impact objects.

Library bathroom

What can decisively change the perspective of an environment such as the bathroom, giving style and functional innovation? The Unlimited bookcase is the perfect complement to combine with the Modulnova bathroom. Shelves for everyday objects and drop-down wall units transform traditional schemes, creating a credible and comfortable alternative.

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Blade bathroom

A sophisticated and stylish complex thanks to the strong lines and innovative materials. Choosing our vision of the Blade Modulnova bathroom allows you to optimize spaces by creating the right compromise between functionality and originality. Finishes treated in aluminum, glass and wood, are the perfect combinations that give resistance and elegance.

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Infinity bathroom

The Modulnova Infinity bathroom set is complemented by a precise attention to lines of great impact and strength. Innovation can be read between lines of the contemporaneity of the elements. Long-lasting and elegant materials characterize every aspect of the project, from the resin concrete to the boiserie. As well as the shower tray, this too made of resin.

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Modulnova furniture: build your dreams with SistemaArreda

Modulnova furniture products lend themselves perfectly to SistemaArreda’s vision of home furnishings.

Our experience and curiosity continually lead us to study tailor-made solutions for any space and logistics need .

You can choose how it will be in reality your idea of space, studying and reinventing arrangements and compositions. SystemArreda is here to make your dreams come true and meet your needs.

Sistema Arreda is an official Modulnova dealer .

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