Modulnova kitchens, which one to choose?



Modulnova kitchens

With the increase in the sizes of modern apartments, the kitchen has become an area in symbiosis with the living room, in an open space perspective, as demonstrated by the Modulnova kitchen projects.

Italian companies in terms of design are the best in the world: always attentive to the changes imposed by fashions, trends and new lifestyles.

Modulnova is a successful reality in the furniture market and in particular in the kitchens. For over 30 years it has been creating designer kitchens with the utmost attention to the details of finishes, accessories and assembly, to create products of guaranteed quality.

For each personality their own style

The latest generation Modulnova kitchens have rediscovered the great importance and beauty of natural materials. The combined use of concrete resins with precious woods such as oak , create that contrast that gives a particularly eclectic look to the environment.

They make the kitchen functional at the same time and with an eye to respect for the environment. The Venetian company pays particular attention to finishes, offering designer appliances, taps and details in chromed and satinized steel; the perfect combination of modernity and elegance.

The island is an obligatory choice

We can no longer speak only of the kitchen but of the living area. The place where the family spends most of their time not only gathering for lunch and dinner, but to carry out activities that once occupied other spaces.


isola cucina float modulnova


In the kitchen, you watch TV, use your laptop to work and study while having a snack or drinking a cup of tea. All this has led to the creation of kitchens with unique characteristics; one of these is the presence of the island.

It is a particular configuration that not only represents a trend, but a solution to better use the spaces and make the kitchen more habitable and functional. The idea is to free the walls to have an open kitchen in the middle of a brighter environment and to give a more modern and social imprint to the house.

Modulnova kitchens perfectly embody these concepts of style and design with very spacious islands. Thanks to modern technologies, even the hoods are made with materials and devices to make them silent and efficient.

Modulnova kitchen models

Currently in the Sistema Arreda catalog there is the Blade Modulnova kitchen. One of the best products of the company that owns other quality pieces like Fly and Mh6.

They are all kitchens with a very modern but at the same time extremely elegant style. Another common feature is the use of eco-friendly quality materials. For each model you have the possibility of a wide choice of finishes. They range from concrete resin, anodized aluminum, glossy and satin lacquered glass, kerlite / stoneware up to raw oak. Each model has its own particularity that makes it unique.


The Blade version is a very minimalist style kitchen, it is made with 10 mm thick doors. The doors have an aluminum honeycomb panel and are plated and edged with Fenix laminate.


The focal points of the kitchen are the 4-burner induction hob and the elegant steel sink by Barazza. Equally visible are the matt black columns with the particular recessed panel opening.

Interior spaces characterized by the presence of two baskets and a steel top and the possibility of inserting the oven, microwave and fridge combo.


Lacquered, on the other hand, is the hallmark of the Fly kitchen. With 29 mm doors made with satin lacquered MDF panel.  Minimalist style with very clear and precise lines.

The Light version is made with 2 cm thick doors, in  the presence of wall units it is possible to insert a Wall accessory holder with sliding over the top.


Mh6 Model it is characterized by 2 cm thick doors both in the version with groove,   and in the version with handle, this kitchen is characterized by extreme simplicity but at the same time it is very functional and manages to give value to the most classic kitchen linear wall. All the models can be offered in a very particular version, the Kitchen wardrobe.

Its ideal environment is the loft given its compact size. To see it it looks like a normal 4-door wardrobe, but once you open it you discover what they hide. The kitchen is made up of two separate areas with LED lighting, two equipped baskets and a built-in dishwasher.

The wall units hide the hood and the dish drainer. An ideal solution for those who, despite limited spaces, do not want to give up elegance and quality. If you are looking for a kitchen with a unique and refined design with the utmost attention to the smallest detail, Modulnova is undoubtedly a safe choice.

More than 30 years of experience behind her have allowed her to acquire the necessary know-out to know exactly what are the precise needs of man and of the modern family in the kitchen. You just have to choose the right model for you.

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