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Novamobili is an Italian company that deals with furnishing accessories and furniture. It is part of the Battistella Company group , which was born in 1953 and   carries on a solid artisan tradition. It is one of the most consolidated industrial companies in the furniture field, in which Novamobili fits with its own ideas and solutions.

The distinctive feature of the company’s proposals is modularity. The solutions are therefore transversal and flexible, so that they can define an environment and adapt to it. In a certain sense, even the space must adapt to the everyday life of those who live there and it must be possible to modulate around the objects that one wants next to. In this way it will be enhanced and exploited to the fullest.  All the company’s production, therefore, revolves around this belief, combining   beauty and functionality.

Novamobili - Living solution

Novamobili: artisan tradition and technological innovation

This depends on the knowledge of technique and manual work, which is combined, however, with the evolution of the times, the market and trends.
Precisely for this reason the company’s team is made up of many professionals, each of whom puts their skills at the service of customers and market demands. Technicians, designers, engineers work with big names in design to create increasingly innovative and functional solutions.

The company collaborates with many designers and with internationally renowned studios. Great names of Italian and international design collaborate to create innovative and avant-garde furniture. Each of them puts their creativity and ideas at the service of company guidelines and creates ever new and unique solutions.

A constant eye on the future allows Novamobili to always be innovative and ready to face production challenges and bets. Precisely for this reason the research and development department is one of the most strategic and important. This is where new ideas are born, where new furniture is created. It is here that innovative research is accompanied by experience and competence to give life to the new.

Novamobili - Soluzione notte

The creative process, from idea to realization

In the company’s studies, an idea becomes reality, starting from the concept, passing through the prototype, up to its realization within the collections. To do this, the professionals work together and come to define every detail, with almost maniacal care, to leave nothing to chance. In this way each piece fits perfectly within the philosophy of each collection.

The technology has entered not only in the design and conception, but is also used by the company to manage   the warehouse and the production chain. This allows you to optimize productivity, fulfill orders in a very short time and avoid unnecessary waste.

In all this, however, the link with the past and tradition is never overlooked. Craftsmanship remains a fundamental part of Novamobili ‘s work. All stages of production are followed by expert and passionate craftsmen and the lacquering and assembly stages are carried out by hand alone. Because technology is important, but it couldn’t be as efficient without the human and concrete aspect of work.

Novamobili - Reef

The company’s philosophy is expressed in the quality of the products

This is always at the center of every job and every proposal: materials, components, feasibility studies, each part composes a project that aims at the maximum. This is because Novamobili ‘s solutions are made to last over time and not to be replaced after a short life. The furnishings resist for the quality of the materials and if you feel good in an environment you don’t feel the need to replace the furniture.

Personalization is another particular aspect of Novamobili , which does everything to respond to the requests and needs of customers, precisely because the right furniture will make it possible to make everyday life in an environment better. The modularity of the proposed furniture helps a lot in this sense, because it is possible to compose the different modules as you wish, up to the perfect result.

Novamobili designs furniture for every room in the house: from beds to chairs, through shelves, desks and dressers, poufs and bookcases.   Even the walk-in closets find everything that is necessary to be functional and to optimize the use of space. The lines are always very essential and clean and point to modernity and essentiality, which become the protagonists. Wood, fabric, marble, metal are some of the materials that the company uses for its creations, always of the highest quality and of the highest level.

Respect for the environment is one of the most important aspects for the company which is committed every day to leave a better world for posterity. Therefore it uses eco-friendly materials and tries to minimize the environmental impact deriving from its production.
Always looking to the future, this approach is very coherent and far-sighted, which points not only to one’s own interest, but to that of everyone.



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