Recovering space at home: 10 rules



Recovering space in a small house, here’s how.

The house is small, the space less and less.
A classic especially nowadays, where the apartments are getting smaller and smaller.
So how do you go about saving space? Here are some ideas.

Arrangement of furniture.

A first, easy piece of advice concerns the arrangement of the furniture. For example, make sure that the chests are not placed all the way to the back of the wall, behind the door, same thing for various cabinets. This is because, leaving a space, yes, a space between the furniture and the door that can be used to store things, put another small cabinet or whatever you want.

When buying the wardrobe, even if it is large, make sure to place it in the center of the wall. Thus two useful spaces will be formed on the sides where to put things that, otherwise, would not find their place. An example? The ironing board or the drying rack (obviously closed) for linen.

Furniture with castors.

For the bathroom or kitchen, you can also choose furniture that can be moved. For the kitchen, it can be a small extra work surface, for the bathroom a cabinet with all your things. If necessary, both can be moved, placed in another place thanks to the fact that they have wheels, that is, they are not fixed.

Folding-glass doors.

If you need to create an extra space and you are worried about how much a new door will take away, why don’t you think about installing a folding or glass door instead of a classic door? They slide inside the wall and when you want they disappear and take up much less space than traditional ones.

The basement.

If you have a duplex apartment and have a basement, use it. It can be useful in many ways to save space in the house, it could be a place to place an extra bed, or a small bookcase, or one or more shelves to be used as a closet.

The top of the furniture.

You never think about it, but the upper part of the furniture can also be a place to store your things. If it is low, close to the ceiling, as could be the furniture in a bedroom, it can be a place to store bags, boxes, various containers. If it is higher, like those in the kitchen, it can also become a way to leave jars, jars, cups and so on.

Hooks on the doors.

There are hooks on the market that do not need nails or glues, just apply them on the upper part of the door and let the hook down in front. It can be a good way to hang jackets, coats, shopping bags, bathrobes or towels in the bathroom. They do not scratch the surface, they can be washed without problems and you can even put up to 3 (depending on the size of the door).

Adhesive knobs.

This is another idea, also in this case you can find them practically everywhere. Unlike the hooks, here the knobs usually have only one adhesive to detach, after which they can be attached to many surfaces (excellent glass) with a simple pressure. They come in various sizes, they can be used in all rooms of the house and also furnish. You can choose different colors or strange shapes, so as to brighten up even a gray space or the children’s room.

Container bed and vacuum bags.

The container bed is an excellent solution to recover extra space in which to store everything you want, even bulky things such as duvets, when you make the change of season or the cushions of the bed, the sofa and all the things that you may use little or not. you know where to put. Moreover, you can also find them in supermarkets, double or almost the space if you put everything in the bags that form the vacuum, just put things in, open a valve and vacuum with the vacuum cleaner, the volume is reduced by more than half and moreover everything is protected from dust.

Small appliances.

If you can choose small appliances, which can be stored easily and without a thousand accessories that are usually never used. Excellent ones that have more functions, such as the vacuum cleaner that you can also use in the garden to blow away the leaves. On the market you will find small and medium-sized appliances, so as not to clutter up too much in the kitchen.

These are some tips to find some space in the house, in order to make the most of each area, thanks to small tricks and products.