Rimadesio: 60 years of history



The Rimadesio company was born in 1956 and started out as a small glass factory, which first made itself known in Brianza and then on an increasingly wider level. Today it is a milestone in the Brianza interior design industry.

Over the decades it has been able to reinvent itself, expanding its production, but always remaining faithful to the materials from which it started, namely glass and aluminum.

Innovation as a key word

The strength of this company reaches its peak in the 90s.
In those days the design of a sliding door system by the designer Giuseppe Bavuso revolutionized everything.

But what does Rimadesio do today? It can be said that it is a leader in the production of systems for dividing rooms and for the architectural definition of interiors. In other words, it offers a wide range of doors, sliding doors, bookcases and modular systems for the living area, walk-in wardrobes and a very large collection of accessories.

Rimadesio ‘s projects stand out for their concreteness. Each new element starts from a simple idea, which is elaborated and designed with enormous technical expertise. This leads to the creation of contemporary and modern objects, which never lose, however, the simplicity of use, the practicality of the daily gesture.

The company starts from the concept of living and its meaning to think of any new complement or solution.
What does it mean to live? What do you want when you live in an environment? By answering these questions, ideas and new projects are born.

The materials mainly used by Rimadesio are glass and aluminum. These are ecologically sustainable materials and this demonstrates the company’s sensitivity on this issue. This is also demonstrated by the fact that the entire production and energy cycle within the company is guaranteed by a photovoltaic system.


Rimadesio: union between design, functionality and practicality.

The soul of the company is perfectly represented by its headquarters, located in Giussano , in the province of Monza and Brianza . It is a building of over 1000 square meters, characterized by large windows, which allow the light to be the protagonist inside. Here the environments are defined by movable glass doors, which allow to give continuity and dynamism to the spaces.
Here too, therefore, glass and aluminum are the protagonists, in complete consistency with company guidelines.

Also in Giussano there is also the showroom, where visitors can meet the complete collections of the company, in a path created by Giuseppe Bavuso. Here water is a fundamental element. The display model, which is used in all Rimadesio showrooms in the world, is a communicative standard for the company, which establishes a close relationship with its customers in these places. It is a place of meeting and exchange, a place for sharing, as well as design.

Here all the strategic choices of Rimadesio come to life and here all the administrative and planning part is managed: from sales to marketing, passing through creativity and information technology.

Thanks to the meeting, over the years, between the company philosophy and many designers, some of the products that have marked the history of Rimadesio and its success have been born. In 1962, for example, the designers Giorgio Ponti and Gianfranco Mariani designed Tyco , a trolley bar cabinet, completed by a dome-shaped plexiglass lamp.


Rimadesio opens up to the international market

Innovation and technical research are the foundations on which the continuous research in the sector by the company and all its technicians who work daily on research and development is based. All this without ever neglecting the optimization of spaces and their natural habitability.

Rimadesio ‘s professionalism is also confirmed by the many awards it has had over the years, prestigious awards and participation in many projects. Since 2013 it has also been registered with ADI (Association for Industrial Design). This represents an international reference point in the sector for contact between designers, companies and the world of design.

Among the latest works carried out by the company we note the Bvlgari Resort Dubai , which is part of the tourism development plan of the area called “Dubai Vision 2020”. Within the prestigious structure Rimadesio has supplied Velaria sliding panels and Spin Slim doors, in totally customized versions.

The company therefore represents an Italian excellence in the sector and therefore Sistema Arreda is pleased to have it among the brands it offers to its customers.

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