Riva 1920: success story



Riva 1920 is a name of great importance in the field of furniture. Perhaps it is not among the brands that are heard of most often, but it certainly represents a successful experience that has been consolidated over the years.

The story starts a long time ago, precisely in 1920. In this year, in Cantù , Nino Romano founded a small family-run artisan shop, where solid wood furniture is produced.

Sedia Gioconda di Riva 1920

The name Riva was introduced in the 1950s, when Mario Riva, the founder’s son-in-law, entered the shop. We continue to work with respect for tradition, for the creation of high quality furniture. Brianza is, in fact, the cradle of woodworking, especially for furnishings and furniture.

In the 1970s, family continuity was guaranteed by Mario’s children. In this decade the distinctive features of the company are outlined. In particular, it is about the attention and enhancement towards natural wood and manual processing. During these years, the company began to work to measure, supplying furniture to over 1500 private customers.

The 90s are the years of the turning point. It is in this decade that Riva 1920 confirms itself in the production of natural wood furniture, also using completely natural products that respect the environment: oils, waxes, adhesives …
A trip by an owner to New York opens the horizons of the company which begins to produce solid cherry furniture inspired by the Amish community.

Riva 1920 al Salone del MobileIn 1992, for the first time Riva 1920 took part in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. This experience broadens the horizons and visibility of the company. From this moment on, the production methods change and the door opens to technological innovation.

In 2000, many collaborations with internationally renowned architects began and the furniture produced catapulted the company onto the sustainable design market. Captivating and modern lines, respecting tradition, but above all respecting the idea of a healthy and sustainable style.

Riva 1920 begins to introduce the use of reused woods, such as cedar from Lebanon, briccole from the Venice Lagoon and Kauri from New Zealand.

Wood is a renewable resource, but not an inexhaustible one, this is one of the guidelines with which Riva 1920 works. Sustainability for the environment is always at the fore for the company.

In 2005 the company expanded, in addition to a second production unit, the new Riva Center was opened which houses aLa sede del museo e del nuovo showroom di Riva 1920 large showroom and a wood museum. Here you can see the history of the company and, at the same time, choose the unique furniture that may be suitable for your home.

To date, the company has expanded further, but manages to preserve the ancient principles. Although he collaborates with designers from all over the world and famous architects, the guidelines are those of a hundred years ago: “Producing with honesty to pass on to future generations, building furniture that can defy time while fully respecting the environment”.

All this is applied in the love for nature and in its respect, in the tradition that is modernized but not upset, in the continuous creative innovation that makes the furniture always current.

Attention to detail is one of the keys to Riva 1920’s success. In this way each piece is unique in its kind, because every detail is in its place, always with an eye to naturalness.

All Riva 1920 furniture is produced with solid wood that comes from reforestation areas and in Tavolo Kauri di Riva 1920particular walnut, cherry, oak, maple are used. The use of reused wood is also a feature of this company that does it precisely with a view to respecting the environment.

The choice of materials is fundamental for Riva 1920’s furniture, because it focuses on the durability of the furniture created. Quality is therefore the key word that is applied to each step of the production chain. It starts from the raw material, but is completed with metal components, fabrics, leathers.

Each element is checked and checked precisely because this is the only way to be sure that the final products will last a long time. The products are 100% natural, including the oils and finishes used. Each component is tested and run in before being put on sale, because only from experience it is possible to make the best choices.

Molletta Bench di RIva 1920Although the techniques have evolved over the years, the company does not forget that everything starts from craftsmanship and manual processing, from the ancient art of cabinet making where the hands of the craftsmen are the most advanced and performing technology.

Tailor-made design is part of Riva 1920, precisely because each product has its own specificity and uniqueness. In this way, each customer will be able to find what they want most and create it if it is not immediately available. The measures can be made ad hoc, as well as the variation of some details.

The Riva 1920 product catalog is extensive and now includes every room in a house: from the coffee table to the bookcase; from the bed, to the bench; from the wardrobe to the sofa. The office also finds its space with very innovative and modern desks and ideas. Some furnishing accessories, such as mirrors or lamps, complete an already very large and varied catalog.

Una cucina Riva 1920

The Outdoor


The section dedicated to the outdoors deserves a separate note. The company offers, in fact, outdoor cedar furniture, in solid wood, not finished with any treatment and worked by hand. In these pieces every imperfection becomes a distinctive trait that makes them unique.

Furthermore, the color of the cedar on the outside takes on a very elegant and refined dove gray.

Creativity and originality are evident in every available piece of Riva 1920: the traits and characteristics of this furniture cannot be found in any other brand. Tradition and innovation come together in this company that will continue on the path of its success for a long time.

Respect for the environment gives a further edge to the company and to all customers who choose it.

Sistema Arreda is a Riva 1920 dealer. So you can contact us for information and quotes on the furniture of this manufacturer. Our staff will be at the complete disposal of the customer to guide him through the choice of very particular pieces of furniture with character.