The Bedroom … A space designed for our children



For some time now, the bedroom has been one of the most complex and interesting spaces in home furnishings. The attention to the design and functionality of this space is increasingly accompanied by the search for suitable and safe materials.

The achievement of a high standard of quality and design therefore stimulates us today to look beyond the pure concept of furniture, re-evaluating the value of the bedroom as a space designed and dedicated to the child, his educated needs and his growth.

Greater awareness in the choice and purchase can help us to better respond to the expectations and needs of our children.
Because a functional, captivating and above all safe space, designed for a child, but enriched and modifiable over time, can guarantee him a place of growth and freedom of his own.


So what requirements and what characteristics should it have?

Here are some ideas:

1) Being able to stimulate observation and listening

2) To guarantee a duration equal to the “evolutionary” duration of childhood / early adolescence (from 3/4 to 12/13 years) thus allowing the reconstruction of the “history” of the child.

3) Be made with quality material

4) Present itself as a modular / flexible space and allow for ever new changes and solutions (wide range of optional offers) by the child protagonist and subject

5) Promote the psychophysical well-being of the child, stimulating the three areas of growth:
a) cognitive-rational
b) sensory-motor
c) emotional-affective (symbolic game)

6) Offer 360 ° possibilities of usability as a fantasy space (imaginary, sense of nature and adventure), play, communication and creative intelligence, i.e. it must represent a space designed by parents without an adultistic attitude in favor of children

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