The New Furniture Trends: Via Libera al Colore



Do you want to give light to your environment?

Are you thinking about how to modify your furniture to make it more welcoming and colorful?

Then read on because adding color can really change the perception in your home and allow you to have fun playing with the colors you like the most.

First of all, let’s think about the lighting system, with lamps and chandeliers you can really change the color of the environment. For lighting elements that at the same time give a touch of class to your furniture, we cannot fail to mention the wonderful Murano glass chandeliers, an element that lovers of the art of color on glass cannot really do without. If you are one of these and you have not yet taken steps to embellish your home with one or more Murano glass artifacts, you can find useful ideas on the MuranoLampStore website.

If, on the other hand, you want a fresher style that never goes out of fashion, you can opt for the colors and floral patterns of the current trend, the return of the Gipsy Style .

You can enhance a corner, a room or even the whole house, using mainly strong colors. Turquoise, tangerine, bougainvillea or saffron are perfect, to be chosen for cushions, rugs, vases, knick-knacks and batik curtains. The “free” aspect of this style is that there is no need to follow the rules, imagination and creativity are the watchwords.

The important thing is therefore to choose the colors you like best!

But be careful that each color corresponds to a sensation , colors play a fundamental role in our moods!

Let’s see together the most common colors and what they express on an emotional level, so that you will be able to identify the right color for each room.

Red is the color of energy therefore more suitable for areas where you live during the day, kitchen, study or office, playroom. The disadvantage is that if it is used for entire walls it can visually shrink the space, so if it is the color you choose, perhaps it is better to use it for furniture elements and small walls, perhaps using it only in one of the walls of the room you want to decorate.

Orange is similar in energy power, as well as giving joy, it even seems to be an antidepressant and stimulates the appetite, therefore ideal for the kitchen. To give a high tech touch to match with metal objects and appliances, if you prefer a warmer and more country result, it is better to complement it with wood or wrought iron.

Another color very suitable for the living area is yellow , which gives energy and brightness. It can be used in its different shades, to give a personal and very trendy touch.

Light blue and shades that reach up to a not too dark blue are considered very suitable colors if you want to give a fresh and relaxing look to an environment, therefore perfect for relaxation areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Similarly, green is also considered relaxing and therefore perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, but unlike blue, it stimulates concentration, thus adapting to the study area, children’s rooms or the office area. A new trend is to use it in living rooms, to give a fresh and young style.

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