The swing doors for interiors



The swing doors for interiors

from simple use as a divider for the various rooms of the house, they have now become an integral part of a correct interior design project.

We all know the classic doors with hinged door, made in the most various materials and finishes.

Instead, let’s see today, among the most recent technological and aesthetic innovations, the hinged doors flush with the wall:

The hinged doors flush with the wall

also called coplanar  doors, they are designed to achieve total integration between the door and the wall, transforming them into a single surface.

The coplanar doors allow the possibility of push or pull opening, guaranteeing maximum design freedom of placement in any environment.
To get an idea, let’s think, for example, of a hallway in the sleeping area.

With the hinged doors for access to the bedrooms, bathrooms and any closet we have, in a small space, numerous openings, sometimes very close to each other.

With flush-to-the-wall hinged doors  we can eliminate the classic architraves that frame the door and, perhaps with a wise use of color, combine that of the door with that of the wall, giving the environment aesthetics and elegance without taking anything away from practicality.

The best choice for the materials of this type of door certainly falls on aluminum and glass.


porte battenti rimadesio zen


With aluminum, which can be made in any colored finish, the thickness of the jambs recessed into the wall is significantly reduced and, in this way, they are practically invisible.

Glass, on the other hand, with its lightness, strength and versatility allows you to create truly beautiful, elegant, resistant doors with practically unlimited finishes and colors.
And then, for an exclusive door, an absolute novelty: polished aluminum and leather

Last but certainly not least.

The handle

For a hinged door with a retractable jamb, it becomes essential that the handle is integrated and perhaps with the same glass finish as the panel and that the lock or latch are as inconspicuous as possible.



Of course, for the use of doors of this type, a capable planning is necessary.

As always for furnishing, relying on professional and capable interior decorators allows us to obtain the best results for our home which, let us remember again, exactly reflects our personality and our style.

Photographs and technical details of Zen and Moon models

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