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A country so attached to traditions cannot ignore how much freshness and solidity Tomasella arredamenti products bring. Innovative and with dry and recognizable lines, the furniture of the Friulian company has conquered the market and the attention of the most demanding consumers. With great attention to the practical use of each product, Tomasella has found the cornerstone that combines beauty and practicality in each of its objects.

The watchword engraved in the heart of each designer’s work is: modularity. Making each product able to satisfy the wishes of those who buy it. Bringing more than just a piece of furniture to every space of the house, an object to be used and reinterpreted continuously. All without losing the final meaning of each creation: utility.

The granite quality of the materials is chosen specifically to allow you to “work” almost daily with the individual components. The premises are respected in every aspect, as in the case of comfortable walk-in wardrobes, or fixed and extendable tables.

Each component is an extra period. A new part of history in the book of one of the most sought after realities of Italian design. Strong and confident like its products, Tomasella arredo points to the future with the unabashed certainties of its present and its past.

Contenitori laccati opaco e boiserie in metallo opaco

Tomasella arredamenti, customizable made in Italy

Furnishing your home with Tomasella furniture products is a choice that pays off for a lifetime. Nothing is invented out of nothing and in every material used for the projects of the Friulian company it is possible to breathe over 70 years of experience in the field. Each era has marked a transition from one style to another, updating techniques to meet the needs of an ever-growing clientele.

These changes have tempered and renewed the ideas of a team of great professionals in this field. This is why today’s catalog is so rich and characterized by the variety of uses even for the single product. Tomasella arredamenti has understood that those who live in the rooms of the house today are not looking for a simple piece of furniture to occupy a space, but need an object that responds to more than one need.

Everything that this company offers today is designed not to remain “immobile” over time, but to be modified and adapted to changes. It is so difficult to be able to choose a single product from the catalog to demonstrate how real the group’s mission is in practice, because they all report to these specific characteristics.

The demonstration of what is described is in two products increasingly sought after with a view to modernity and comfort. Selected for you, we have decided to show you the progressive charm and attitude of the Liberty walk-in closet project and the Tudor table.

Madia Krea di Tomasella

Liberty: a walk-in closet everywhere

There are objects that win any constraints with the size that the so-called “code” describes as adequate for them. This is the case of the Liberty walk-in closet, one of Tomasella’s most sought-after furniture products. The design of the product is designed to appear very scenic but less bulky and linked to its size.

In many cases, when one thinks of a walk-in closet, one imagines a set of drawers and doors that must work in a room that seems specially designed. With Liberty this concept disappears, but that of the well-defined role of the product remains.

Liberty is made with a metal structure that supports the various shelves and drawers in heat-treated oak. The quality of the materials is one of the great specifications of Tomasella arredamenti’s products and the choice of heat-treated oak gives strength and character to this walk-in closet.

The metal structure is available in two different shades:

  • anthracite;
  • chalk white.

The oak shelves and drawers, on the other hand, can be combined in any way without ever losing visual impact and without getting out of tune. The colors available are:

  • material essence;
  • material;
  • open pore lacquered;
  • opaque material ;
  • knotted material;
  • matt lacquered colors.

Tudor table: firm elegance

The table is a difficult object to reinvent, because it must maintain almost obligatory characteristics in order to be functional. But is it possible to be able to build a project that improves functionality and style in one fell swoop? With Tudor table yes. The design choices, in fact, are intelligently studied to meet the needs of those who furnish for taste or duty.

This object could fill the spaces of the living area of a house or the meeting room of an office in a perfect way. Top and base materials and design take up the concept of modernity and warmth typical of Tomasella arredamenti products.

The top is in natural oak wood and is available both fixed and extendable. The dimensions of the table vary between 200cm and 400cm for the length and between 100cm and 110cm for the depth. Base and top measure 74 cm in both configurations.

For the base, we chose to opt for two solutions, both incredibly elegant. The choice is between crossed metal legs and glass panel legs. You can choose multiple matt lacquer color combinations for the metal cross legs.


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