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Twils is a leading Italian company in the furniture sector. It specializes in the production of upholstered beds, sofas and everything related to the fabric applied to the home.

The company was born about 20 years ago, from the passion of four brothers, who decided to make their dream come true: Tiziano, Wilma, Luisella and Simone.
From the initials of their names one of the most interesting brands in Italy in this sector was born.

The combination of tradition and innovation was Twils’ winning key. The union of sartorial knowledge with the continuous search for innovative materials and new market needs is the must that the company never gives up.

The story of this reality tells us how the union of a family, the skills of each and the determination to believe in a dream have given life to a truly successful company.

Precisely because everything was born from love and passion, care and satisfaction are the pillars on which Twils is founded. The relationship with consumers is fundamental in every step of the work, precisely because this reality believes that it consumes themTwils: i laboratoribulls are very aware and present in their choices.

So from the comparison with them, from the attention to the requests and to the market trends, Twils products come to life, which stand out from the others in many respects.

First of all, the customer’s attention rests on two factors: the exterior and therefore the image of the product and its reliability and therefore its intrinsic value. The combination of these evaluations guides the choices.

So how does Twils work? First of all, it favors the short supply chain, choosing natural and recyclable raw materials. Secondly, the brand is “made in Italy”, made and sewn in Italy. Each piece is hand-sewn, without exception. This allows to guarantee a true uniqueness of the product.

In some way, what might seem like a defect turns into a particularity that characterizes the piece of furniture and makes it unique.

Creativity is undoubtedly one of the driving forces behind the work. The ideation becomes a creative game with which to try to respond to the needs of the market and the consumer.

The range of products is therefore very varied and has over 300 different configurations and over 400 types of fabrics Lavorazione Twilsof coating. If you add to this more than 200 variations of linen and 200 of accessories, it is easy to imagine that the combinations can be almost infinite. In this way, each customer can easily find satisfaction for their needs.

As anticipated, the craftsmanship of the production is one of the distinctive features of Twil. Each order is processed and followed by an efficient computer database, but the packaging is entrusted to the skilled hands of experts, respecting the sartorial tradition.

Particular attention is paid to avoiding any waste and to use only high quality materials, but exclusively aimed at adding value for the customer. With a view to lean production, we work following each production phase and avoiding, in fact, the dispersion of resources and energy, in order to achieve total optimization.

Each element is chosen with care. In that part of the furniture that is aimed at sleeping, the details make the difference even more. Bed bases, mattresses, linens and any other element are chosen and packaged by Twils in order to guarantee an excellent rest .

Frick bed

Thanks to this type of production, stagnation in the warehouse and gray areas in the work process are eliminated, which can generate a decrease in quality. Attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection are Twil’s guidelines, which can be easily recognized in the products.

In addition to production for the private customer, Twils also works a lot for the furnishing of other places dedicated to hospitality, such as hotels.
The beauty, functionality and reliability of Twils textile beds are ideal for furnishing rooms that are welcoming and elegant, but at the same time resistant and long-lasting.

Thanks to Twils products, even hotel rooms can be transformed into personalized and intimate environments, not cold and neutral. The company works on specific and personalized requests, precisely to create, thanks to beds and armchairs, contemporary and unique atmospheres. A study of the specific requests of each hotel, the analysis of the atmosphere that you want to create and the style you want to achieve lead to the creation of the most suitable beds for each one.

Byron bed by Twils
Byron bed

Twils single and double beds can be inserted in modern contexts, but also with a more classic taste and also allow you to play with combinations of different styles.
All this is completed by linen and accessories, which will help to make the guest feel at ease in a temporary living environment.

The offer for hotels is also based on the same principles as all the rest of Twils’ production and is therefore valid and winning. Attention, care, passion for work: this is the winning combination.

The company is also ISO 9001 certified. Quality is not just a word to show off on the site or with customers, but it is the basis of every activity that takes place in the company. This allows to achieve the satisfaction of customers, but also of suppliers and employees. And this can only be achieved by monitoring each stage of the company’s life.

Drop bed side view
Drop bed

Twils is one of the brands chosen by Sistema Arreda from among those it offers to its customers. This is because both companies embrace certain principles, including attention to detail and attention to the customer.
In our catalog you can then view all the Twils proposals.

So if you want to learn more about the Twils catalog, see one or more beds live or try some sofas, all you have to do is contact us. Style, taste, atmosphere will be unique in your home thanks to the products of this 100% made in Italy company.

One of our staff will be at your complete disposal to assess your needs and guide you in the most suitable choice.
You will certainly be satisfied with both the service offered by Sistema Arreda and the quality of the products chosen which will last over time and will accompany you in your moments of relaxation.